Disney plus brings back classics


   On  Nov. 12, 2019, Disney launched their new on-demand video streaming service, “Disney+” which allows users to watch all of the Disney classics they can imagine. From the numerous Pixar movies, to the countless Disney Channel originals, Disney Plus will not fail to provide subscribers with an unforgettable trip down memory lane. 

   With the small fee of $6.99 a month and $69.99 a year, the cost for sure outweighs the benefit of every Disney production one can think of all in one place. Disney Plus has begun to compete with Netflix, another video streaming service which provides a variety of films and originals for a maximum plan of $15.99 a month. This offers more reasons for consumers to invest in Disney Plus; at such a low price, users can find a film for every member of the family no matter the age or gender.

 “It’s Disney Movies at the convenience of Netflix,” community member, Kendra P. said.

   The program includes some of the newest Disney films such as “Avengers End Game”, “Moana” and some oldies like “Fantasia” released in 1940 or “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” released in 1937. Viewers may also begin to realize the abundance of well-known films Disney has created; all of the Marvel, Star Wars and even National Geographic films were produced by Disney and are in one place. The app has endless amounts of Disney magic to go around to give viewers the gift of nostalgia.

“Some of the featured shows are really worth watching; you can relive old experiences from the movies,” Edward K. ‘21 said.

  While Disney Plus doesn’t fail to disappoint with a large variety of shows, movies and shorts, the app itself does show some flaws. Unlike its competitor Netflix, the Disney + app does not make it easy for viewers to resume their most recently watched movies or shows. On Netflix, users can easily open the app and find a row of their uncompleted entertainment labeled “continuing watching.” But, on Disney Plus users must add their favorite films or TV series to a watchlist and find the episode they were on from there. While this issue will not be a big deal to some, other viewers may decrease their use of the app due to this.

   Regardless of the issues with structure, Disney Plus will continue to grow and increase in popularity.

   “I think Disney Plus will continue to have a good future because of the amount of interesting movies and shows coming out and also the social media attention it is gaining,” Hudson B. ‘22 said.

  Overall, no matter the way the program is formatted, Disney Plus will allow all users to shed a tear during “Inside Out”, sing-along to every song in “Frozen”, hold their breath during an epic battle in “Star Wars” or relive all childhood memories with “Peter Pan”.