"We have issues"

The Beacon

"We have issues"

The Beacon

"We have issues"

The Beacon

About “The Beacon”

“The Beacon” is a student-run publication at Olentangy High School. Advanced Journalism students pen articles for both the print and online newsmagazine. The job of these students is to inform, educate and entertain their peers, teachers, administrators and community about events at and effecting OHS. The articles on the site reflect the views of the writer or the staff and do not necessarily reflect the views, as a whole, of the school or school officials. The online and print content are advised by Jessica Roads, along with the Editors-in-Chiefs and Creative Editor.

The articles, photos and videos on this website are original to the students or the students has permission to print from the source directly, which will be stated in that specific article.

For the privacy of our student body, student sources will only be mentioned online with the first name and last initial, but mentioned by first and last name in the print publication.


The Beacon has won several awards including:

Ohio Scholastic Media Association (OSMA)—3rd place Newsmagazine 2015

Ohio Scholastic Media Association (OSMA)—Honorable Mention Website 2015

Ohio Scholastic Media Association (OSMA)—2nd place Newsmagazine 2016

Ohio Scholastic Media Association (OSMA)—2nd place Newsmagazine 2017

Ohio Scholastic Media Association (OSMA)—Individual journalist awards for writing, design and photography


Policy Statement:

The Beacon is an independent news website of Olentangy High School, published by the Newspaper Journalism students. The Beacon has been established as a designated public forum for student journalists to inform, educate and entertain their readers as well as for discussion of issues of concern to their audience. It will not be reviewed or restrained by school officials, adults, or sources prior to publication. Advisers may and should coach and discuss content during the writing process. Because school officials do not engage in prior review, and the content of The Beacon is determined and reflects only the views of the student staff and not the school officials or the school itself, its student editorial board or student editors assume complete legal and financial liability for the content of the publication.

Readers may respond to Beacon content and other issues through letters to the editor. Letters can be emailed to [email protected] or dropped off to room 2506/2507. An honest attempt to publish all letters will be made. Letters must be signed, and any letters which are judged libelous, obscene and materially disruptive to school or an invasion of privacy will not be printed. The editors reserve the right to edit all letters.

Editorials or opinion columns representing the views of an individual Beacon staff member carry bylines. The views in opinion columns do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Beacon staff, the high school faculty or the administration.

Accuracy is a major goal of The Beacon; therefore, major error will be acknowledged and corrected in the next issue.

The print edition of The Beacon, with separate content than that of the website, can be purchased eight times a year for $1 per issue, or by subscription for $12 and $18 for extended subscriptions to be mailed outside of the school. Advertising can be purchased in The Beacon by calling the business manager at 740-657-4100 ext. 2198.

The Beacon is a member of the Journalism Education Association, Ohio Scholastic Media Association and Ohio Capital Conference Academic League. The adviser is Jessica Roads.


2018-2019 Online Beacon Staff:

Will M. and Emily S., Editors-in-Chief

Megan A.

Kylee B.

Reagan B.

Camille C.

Cameron D.

Maxwell W.



Created by Mercedes Salisbury 2013

“Since more people turn to TwitterFacebook and other prominent social media sites to get today’s latest and hottest news, I wanted ‘The Beacon’ to share its content to the community not only once-a-month, but whenever breaking news or a great story idea occurs.”


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"We have issues"
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