A glimpse into the life of a tangy senior

Jack Belcher is a senior here at OHS. This article provides a glimpse of his opinion on his senior year so far.

   As hard is it is to believe 2021 is just around the corner, and it is hard to say Olentangy could have guessed the outcome of the year 2020. Jack Belcher is a senior here at OHS who has things to say about his hybrid schedule experience and how he has not let this virus harass his year. 

   Belcher says that seniors today have been expected to sacrifice most of their year and the things that make senior year superior. Due to covid, seniors have had to give up homecoming and be able to attend sporting events. It is sad to say that this is the time 2021 seniors will look back on, and it is also safe to say that covid has affected students one way or another; Therefore, just how much has it impacted Belcher?

   “So far my senior year has been anything but normal. The classrooms have felt quiet and distant and with the way things are set up, we are constantly reminded that things are not normal,” Belcher said. 

   Belcher says that the learning experience has felt distant as well, and it is hard to get motivation to do work, even when a student, like him, is only taking four classes. 

   “It is hard to actually learn when you are constantly out of school, at least in my opinion. I have not really given much thought about covid compared to other people. With the virus having a 99.997% survival rate, I have not really worried about it. I think eventually the virus will just end up running its course,” Belcher said. 

   Belcher is seen to have a carefree personality when it comes to school, schedules, and issues like the virus. He tends to focus on games, friends, etc., rather than serious topics. 

   “This can be a good and a bad characteristic; Good in that he is not overwhelmed and worried constantly; Bad in that he normally does not get concerned over grades, etc., and therefore does not work to his true potential,” Belcher’s Mom, Emily Belcher said. 

   Belcher says the best way to describe the person he is, is through who he spends his time around. Belcher’s friends and family define and help shape the human being he wants to be.