Summer vacations provide fun, help aid economy



Beach goers wade across a shallow part of Popham Beach as the ocean makes its way out during low tide on Monday, Oct. 10, 2011 in Phippsburg, Maine. Another day of unseasonably warm temperatures treated people to a day at the beach. (AP Photo/Pat Wellenbach)

Summer vacations may seem like the wrong course of action this year due to Covid, but in truth, vacations could be just what people need to go back to normal.

“You get to relax after the crazy year, improve your health and get away from school,” Olivia G. ‘23 said.

After the year’s troubles, it would be gratifying to relax and forget about the former school year for a week. People can be more productive after a de-stress session, not to mention the health benefits which can come from sunshine and social activity.

My brother and I are driving out to Glacier National Park after school is over. It will be a six day car trip across the Midwest,” creative writing teacher John Chirico said. “ The benefits of summer vacation is hopefully to see family again and connect with friends you haven’t seen in person for a while.”

Vacations could also help the economy recover. Covid had a substantial impact on the economy, so it could be helpful to participate in summer activities. Families on vacation would give support to local businesses, such as ice cream shops and public pools. That support could help boost the economy after the losses conceived from Covid.

Despite all the benefits of travel after a pandemic, it is still important to be mindful of the spread of Covid.

“I just think people should be careful and aware of Covid and take precautions,” Gilreath said. 

It is important to wash hands, sanitize and stay cautious. 

I think if you’re vaccinated and/or following CDC guidelines, you should be okay. Nevertheless, I would try and plan trips that are more about nature and outside oriented. I would spend more time in natural surroundings and the beach,” Chirico said.

Summer vacations give people a chance to reconnect with society. After a long separation from the rest of the world, sunshine and crowds will do people some good, and now that the Covid vaccine is in the process of distribution, the crowds should be able to gather without worry of sickness. Of course, masks should still be worn as a precaution.