Netflix Review

Netflix Review

“Let it snow”:

3/5 stars 

If you have ever watched “Love Actually,” “Let It Snow” is very similar.“Let It Snow” tried to mimic “Love Actually” by having complicated and multiple main character plot, but “Let It Snow” ended up doing a boring job and left loose ends stranded. The movie is about different lifestyles each person is living in a small town during Christmas. They all are supposed to connect or end together at the end. But they had left too many dead ends to accomplish that. “Love Actually” is a fabulous movie who I would 10/10 recommend watching before hitting play on “Let it Snow.”


“Holly Star”: 

2/5 Stars 

“Holly Star” is a funny, romantic movie perfect for children and families or at least that is what it said on the cover page. I thought it was a more cringier version of a Hallmark Christmas movie. The plot line was kind of weird, a girl moving from New York  to her home town after her puppet career didn’t blast off. *Spoiler alert* like any other knockoff Hallmark movie the girl falls in love. By the way the boy who she falls in love with isn’t even that cute. There is more to plot but still a bore none the least; I would recommend a cringe fest Hallmark movie before watching “Holly Star.”


“Holiday in the wind”:

⅘ stars 

A woman whose husband just filed for divore out of nowhere, needed a few weeks to clear her head. 

What was supposed to be their romantic anniversary trip turned into a one way ticket to recover. Kristin Davis plays Kate the suffering divorce. But when Kate flies to Africa, she finds it more blissful than she thought. She also encounters a new love interest, played by Rob Lowe. This movie is relatable, funny and  romantic. Although it might be cringy a couple times it was a fun movie to watch.


“The knight before Christmas”

6/5 stars 

A teacher’s life is turned upside down when a knight in shining armure, literally, gets hit by her car. Vanessa Hudgens plays the young teacher while the knight is played by Josh Whitehouse. The movie is about a knight from the 13th century teleporting to present day to fulfill his dream by meeting the girl he loves. I gave it a 6 out of 5 stars because the movie is based on a fake town called Bracebridge in Ohio. But in real life the movie was filmed in Bracebridge, Ontario. The movie had it is cheesy Hallmark similarities but none the less I thought it captivated true holiday spirit better than any other film.