How to: Have a less stressful homecoming


Students spend weeks in advance preparing for the night of the year, but with this comes unnecessary stress. Girls search every store trying to find the perfect dress, and panic thinking how another girl might wear it better. On the other hand, guys search for the ideal ‘Instagram worthy’ homecoming proposal that will satisfy their girl’s needs. Drama ignites as group preferences conflict and dinner reservations fill up. The anxiety builds as the school counts down to yet another night of clichés.

Homecoming is as said: cliché. The need to stress out about things no one will remember when high school ends is altogether avoidable. No one will remember who won homecoming king or queen, or who was the “best dressed.” Furthermore, here are tips and tricks to help any student glide through homecoming night worry-free.

  • Girls, do not stress about your dress!

Although options for dresses are limited, there is no need to fret about wearing the same dress as another girl. Each ensemble will be different in its own way, making it shine. Additionally, do not spend hundreds of dollars on a dress you will wear for one night. Lulus is a trusted website for affordable dresses that will not break the bank.

  • Make reservations early!

It is important to make reservations as early as possible, especially considering Olentangy Berlin High School and Olentangy Liberty High School have homecoming the same night as OHS. If you make reservations one to two weeks in advance, it increases your chances of receiving your preferences.

  • Do not worry about dates!

Although homecoming is enjoyable with a date, it is also enjoyable without one. If you are without a date, make it a night out with your friends. There will be plenty of people you can meet up with at the dance so there is no need to stress over finding a date.

  • Girls, bring extra shoes!

No one wants to dance in four inch heels, so it is important for girls to bring extra shoes to dance in. You can wear anything from Converse to Vans, just make sure they will be comfortable enough for a night of dancing. Not to mention, the gym floor is nasty so dancing in bare feet is not the move.

  • Have an enjoyable night!

Homecoming is supposed to be a light-hearted night for students. Therefore, do not add to the drama. Remember to take lots of pictures and dance until you drop. It will be a night to remember if you make it one. Do not forget to stay safe and make the right choices. Most importantly, if you follow these steps, you are sure to have a fabulous night at homecoming.