Meme Usage 101: Cracking the code

The language of our generation. The primary way to communicate through tweet or text. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but memes hold an unprecedented amount of importance in pop culture. What about those who can’t quite understand what a meme means? Well, take a seat, grab a snack and get ready. Today you’re getting a meme education.


The five most used memes and their meanings:


Arthur meme: This image from popular cartoon show “Arthur” is meant to convey anger or frustration with events in life.

Example: When you say you go to Olentangy and someone asks “Orange or Liberty?” 







White Guy Blinking meme: Displays confusion or a shocked expression in an ironic or humorous situation.

Example: When you do one sit-up, but you don’t not have abs yet. 






Salt Bae meme: Used to show adding items to a situation in order to make it better, or being “extra.”

Example: When you add “thus” in an essay. 









I Don’t Think So meme: Used to show doubt or disbelief at a situation; skepticism. 

Example: When your teacher says “This test will be easy.” 







I Don’t Know Her meme: Used to show a lack of caring about others’ opinions or actions.

Example: When your friends tell you “I heard this girl say she hates you.” 





So, there it is. Next time a popular meme pops up on your feed, you’ll know exactly what it means. Maybe now you can even make memes of your own. If you can’t, don’t fret, just retweet the funny memes like the rest of us do.