Christmas Morning Game Plan

It’s the day after Christmas, you log onto your brand new laptop you received the day before, and open Facebook only to see the horrendous photos your mom posted of you from the previous morning. The smile spread across your face revealing your retainers and the camera flash reflecting in your glasses do not make for great photos. Now with the Christmas season approaching, it is time to construct a game plan to ensure your family and friends do not see those atrocious pictures from Christmas morning.

1.) Get ahead of the game

It’s simple really. All you have to do it beat your family to it. I know, waking up at the crack of dawn is not ideal, but trust me, it will pay off. Make sure you get up before your parents and siblings to brush your teeth, put your contacts in, find some way to manage your hair, maybe even apply some makeup. Just make sure you are not sporting that ‘au naturel’ look.


2.) Sabotage your family’s camera(s)

Now don’t go breaking your family’s thousand-dollar Canon, but if you “misplaced” it and it magically appear a week later, no harm done, right? And if your parents have figured out that iPhones take better photos than their busted 1990’s camera, and you have to “take care” of them too, then do what you have to do.


3.) Hack your parents Facebook or source of sharing

Probably the easiest method, find your parents login and password and delete the posts immediately after they go up. If you are lucky your parent will have no clue. And if they figure it out, well, you’re screwed.


4.) Sleep in

Another easy way of missing out on photos is sleeping in. If you are asleep while photos are being taken then you will not be pictured. The downside is you miss out on opening gifts as a family, but I mean you have to pick your battles, and looking good would definitely be mine.


5.) Face it, you are not going to look good on Christmas morning

Forget about being camera ready and maintain your social media rapport with your family and friends. The holiday season is about spending quality time with the ones you love and celebrating a new year. So let us forget the way you look and focus on the way you feel, happy and loved by your friends and family.

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