Don’t decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is one of the most underrated holidays. Too many people skip from Halloween directly to Christmas, and it is not okay. November is still considered a fall month so the fake snow and holiday lights can wait their turn for their season. It’s still the time for pumpkins and pilgrims; no need to rush into winter yet.

This a wonderful holiday because it’s all about spending time with your friends and family, and eating food. The amount of work which goes into a Thanksgiving meal surpasses the appreciation given to the holiday. Think about how hard moms work to make the stuffing, cook the green beans, put the rolls in the oven and prepare the turkey. Or how grandmothers work so hard to make the perfect pumpkin pie for their families. And don’t forget how how much effort dads put into sitting on the couch to watch football all morning. It’s a shame all this hard work is overshadowed by big pine trees with pieces of plastic on them. It simply isn’t fair to Thanksgiving, or to all the hard working families.

Lastly, think of the poor turkeys. Their destiny was to feed families on the special day of Thanksgiving. They spent their entire lives just to end up on someone’s ungrateful dinner plate. They spent their entire lives only to be outshined by a fat man wearing red in the middle on November. The turkeys deserves some respect for their holiday. Leave the Christmas decorations in the box until after Thanksgiving. Be thankful.