He Said She Said: Winter Formal

A cheap imitation of Prom

By: Cody G ’19

It’s Saturday morning, and the burden of promising your friends you would go to winter formal sets in. The icy sidewalks you will be clogging through in dress shoes, and having to expose yourself to the brisk weather, provide little to no motivation to attend winter formal. You consider whether you should let your squad down, or be miserable all night. The better choice quickly becomes apparent; let your friends down, and skip winter formal.

Until this year, cancellations and lack of attendance have saved most from attending. For whatever reason, the 2016 Winter formal is a go, and I have no idea why. Ask yourself, does dressing up in uncomfortable clothes, having your hair and makeup professionally done and then smeared all over your face because of the snow sound like a good time? No. Not to mention the entire night will be photographed.

Everyone knows deep down winter formal is a cheap imitation of prom and homecoming.

Winter formal is an unnecessary stressor that the student body should not have to endure during the winter months. Trying to bump your GPA up should be top priority, not freaking out over the school dance. It takes you two plus weeks to decide if you want to go, once you decide it takes another two to finally find your outfit. Then you spend a week calling every restaurant within a ten mile radius of the school, and then another couple days to find a salon to do your hair. By the time it is all over, you ignored all of your homework. Thank you winter formal!!

Bottom line is, winter formal is unnecessary. No one has time for it, or to be frank the patience. Olentangy, do your students a favor, that they will act upset about (when in actuality they are secretly rejoicing), and cancel the Winter Formal.


Winter formal for the win

By: Ashley C ’19

What a glorious time of the year, the beautiful snow has created the perfect winter wonderland for… the winter formal. The winter formal brings the holiday cheer back to you that was cruelly stolen by exam preparation, and spending the night with your friends is the ideal way to celebrate your new found joy.

In the past four years winter formal has been cancelled, snowed out and simply died. Our senior class never experienced a winter formal, and why should we let the classes before us take our dance away? Winter formal is not homecomings ugly step sister the family tries to hide, and its not a fake prom. Winter formal is meant to give the school another chance to have fun with our friends and enjoy Ohio’s frozen tundra of  a winter.

Winter formal gets crap just for existing but if you play it the cheap way and not blowing it out of proportions then it could be the best dance ever. Kick back, relax, because this formal is anything but formal. Grab that $10 dress from Forever 21, steal your older brothers bow tie from homecoming, and prepare for the most laid back dance there has ever been. No need to spend a ton of money on a dress, ties and dress shirts, heels and shoes, or wasting time on dinner reservations (you already have to did that, and teenagers are broke enough as it is). Every other girl there is either going to be in a black, white, red, or navy blue dress, and their date is going to be matching with them, so save the money and go cheap. You don’t need to spend money to have a lot of fun, winter formal can be the best decision ever if you forget it’s reputation and decide to just go and have fun.