He said vs. she said: books to movies


He said:

It is simply not fair. Authors dedicate years of time and effort only to have their breathtaking novel changed because for some reason, their original work just wasn’t good enough.

Being an author is not a hobby, it’s a job requiring years of experience. The author has an idea, and that idea may change, but their theme will always remain the same. An author can be compared to an artist. They make art to represent some sort of theme, or idea. They brainstorm what they want to create and do it, they make art the way they want. They do not create art with the intention of it being changed in any way. For an author’s ideas and work to be changed is, well, simply not fair.

When you make a joke and everyone erupts in laughter, you feel good about yourself and sometimes proud. When you tell a joke that isn’t original, but everyone erupts in laughter, you may feel good about yourself, but you know you are not original, and should not be proud of yourself, you did nothing.

It is a simple argument, making books into movies is wrong. Lacking originality, these films are changed with one goal in mindto make money. Not to share a theme or change lives, or convey someone to make better or different choice, these movie producers want cash.

Movies are awesome, no doubt about it, but the movies that are awesome, are awesome because it is something new, something you have never seen before. Authenticity is recognizable, and that is especially true in the film industry.

Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Herbert Givenchy are some of the most famous fashion designers on earth. They are/were successful because they tried something new and changed social norms. They had original thoughts and went through with them. If movie producers ever want to be successful or famous they need to try to, discover something new, not copy and steal ideas from hard working authors. It is simply not fair someone is taking the credit for what is not theirs. 

She said: 

You’ve obsessed over a book series for years now. You’ve read every novel, every chapter, every page more times than you can count. Like a true fan, you can’t choose a favorite character because you love them all equally. You know all the obscure details the author inserted into the plot. Now you get the satisfaction of seeing your favorite story come to life, projected onto the big screen for the whole world to see.     

Creating movies from books is a beneficial experience for everyone. The author of the novel receives the ultimate publicity. The film industry has a pre-written, adaptable storyline with a strong fan base. Not only that, the fans receive an alternate version of a beloved plot and a plethora of new merchandise. What’s not to love? We’re all winners here. Anybody who claims otherwise is just a fake fan, obviously.

When done right, adapting a book into a movie can create a multi-billion dollar industry. Take the “Harry Potter” phenomena for instancethis seven book series released between 1997 and 2007 created an instant frenzy. According to statisticbrain.com, gross sales of the book series reached over $7 million and is still growing. The Harry Potter craze swept over the world, with eight accompanying movies made. Revenue from the movie sales reached around $7 million, with rentals and other merchandise not being included. The empire amassed $24 billion between book and movie sales. $24 billion made because of a boy and a wand. Now that’s true magic.

The entertainment industry works best when the book and film worlds unite. Representing the same storyline multiple ways expands its meaning, and prominence in pop culture. Reading a book is a great experience, but watching a movie can be even better.

Besides the obvious logistical advantages, bringing a book to the big screen is just plain fun. Seeing which actors are cast as your favorite characters is inexplicably satisfying. Watching that cliffhanger ending which made your jaw drop the first time you read the book never gets old. Waiting in anticipation for the release of the movie like you waited for the release of the book gives life a purpose. Creating a film based on a novel only expands the joyous experiences of modern pop culture. So, anybody down for a Harry Potter movie marathon?