Braves prepare for soccer beyond high school


Skylar Mechling '24

Seniors: Anthony Barton, Scott Switz, Gibril Kargbo, Ean Encarnacion, Brady Smith, Jayden Fields

The end of a soccer season means the end of high school soccer for the senior players. We want to share the dedication and commitment shown from all the seniors as they count their final days on the team. 

Anthony Barton ‘23: Olentangy High School is where captain Barton started his high school soccer career and will soon finish. Barton is a senior and starting varsity captain. Though he has not committed yet, Barton hopes to continue his soccer career in college. He has played soccer since he was five years old and continued to play because of the team atmosphere and teammates. 

“The team atmosphere is important because it correlates to our performance on the field. A team’s ability to play together translates to the success of their season,” Barton said. 

Barton will finish his last year strong as the team’s starting center midfielder. 


Brady Smith ‘23: Smith is another captain for the high school’s team. Smith has played soccer since his freshman year. He has played soccer since he was two years old, and  his parents encouraged him to stay with it. However, one of the major hardships for Smith was dislocating his knee during his junior year. The injury resulted in Smith sitting out for the last three games of his high school season. One of Smith’s favorite memories with his teammates was riding the bus home from away games and spending time with his teammates.  

“After a road win on the bus we dance, we sing and just enjoy the win, and I think that is what is great about our team,” Smith said. 

Smith is the starting offender which will be a hard spot to fill once he graduates high school. Like Barton, Smith hopes to play soccer in college at DePauw University or St. Vincent College. 


Ean Encarnacion ‘23: Along with Smith and Barton, Encarnacion is the third captain for the team. Encarnacion started playing soccer when he was three years old, motivated by his older brother to play. Encarnacion is a midfielder and has been for all four years.  From what Encarnacion knows about the soccer positions, he agrees midfield is the hardest position. 

“I like to be able to connect to our back line, to our forwards and to the rest of the team,” Encarnacion said. 

  One of Encarnacion’s favorite memories from high school soccer was scoring a goal against rival, Olentangy Orange, during his junior year. 


Scott (Scotty) Switz ‘23: Switz has played high school soccer for the past four years. Switz has played soccer for almost his whole life and kept with it because of the friendships it brought. 

“I continued with it because it was a way for me to get my mind off things and the relationships with the players,” Switz said. 

An important part of the sport is the relationship with the coaches and players. Switz admitted he will miss this most. It is not announced if Switz will play in college but, either way he will be missed by the rest of the team. 

“Scotty just brings such a positive vibe to training and team dinners. He’s never negative and,  he’s one of the nicest people I’ve met,” teammate Parker Johnston ‘25 said. 

One of Switz’s favorite memories from high school soccer was beating rival, Olentangy Berlin, in early September. 


Gibril (Gibby) Kargbo ‘23: Freshman year was just the start of Kargbo’s career as the high school’s forward.  Kargbo first started playing soccer his first year of high school where he met many teammates and lifelong friends. 

“I will definitely miss the teammates I’ve grown as a player with,” Kargbo said. 

One of Kargbo’s favorite memories from high school soccer was receiving the golden boot his freshman year. At OHS, the golden boot is given to the player who scores the most goals for their team. Kargbo will most likely not play soccer in college but either way, his spirit and personality will be missed on the team. 


Jayden Fields ‘23: Fields is a starting outside defender and has been for six years. He has also played for the high school for four years. Fields hopes to continue his soccer career at the University of Dayton or another college along the east coast.  

“They [University of Dayton] valued my skills highly and made the program desirable. Also, they are one of the top 20 schools in the country for soccer,” Fields said. 

Fields mentioned one of the things he will miss most about high school soccer are the teammates and players. And one of his favorite memories from high school soccer was the win against rival, Olentangy Orange, his sophomore year while on the varsity team.