Planes crash causes international chaos

Planes crash causes international chaos

A jetliner, a Boeing 737 which Ukrainian International Airlines operates, crashed on the outskirts of Tehran during its takeoff, after being hit by a missile, hours after Iran launched missiles at U.S forces. 

The crash killed a total of 176 people, 167 passengers and nine crew members, from several different countries. There were 82 Iranians, at least 63 Canadians and 11 Ukrainians on board. 

The crash caused both Ukraine and Canada to be in mourning, the locations of the intended destinations of the passengers. The Canadian passengers were believed to be international students attending universities in Canada; they were making their way back to Toronto after visiting with family during winter break. 

“In my opinion the Iran military was inept and should accept the brunt of blame for this tragic accident, but in addition I feel Ukrainian officials should have been more aware and directed their airlines to avoid the area,” guidance counselor, Mike Naveau, said. 

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said 138 of the passengers were bound for Canada. The flight included a family of four and newlyweds, too. Several teenagers and children, as young as one or two, have been confirmed on the flight. 

The crash has hit as among the worst losses of Canadian life in an aviation disaster. 

“It is a tragic event for the world, specifically the countries whom those who died were from. It should not have happened and when dealing with military forces such as missiles, extreme precautions should have been taken,” Allison T. ‘22 said. 

The timing of this crash has also led to some international concerns about the possibility of foul play and the idea of the plane being shot down. The reasoning behind this comes from examination of the pieces of the plane. The plane’s engine showed signs of a fire erupting inside one of its engines, causing the pilot to lose control of the plane, according to the IRNA News Agency

“I think this could have been prevented by the Iranian government taking more care with what their missiles are aiming for. I do not know of many plane crashes, but this almost reminds me of the planes crashing into the Pentagon and the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001. My mom works for the army, and she is in Kuwait right now, so hearing about conflicts worry me,” Anneliese H. ‘23 said. 

Authorities found the plane’s black boxes, allowing investigators to hear the recorded cockpit conversations and see the instrument data. 

“I feel compared to other tragedies that take place in the world that this event hasn’t really created a huge reaction in the United States, probably due to the fact that the passengers who lost their lives were primarily Iranian, Ukrainian or Canadian and not American citizens; however, someone should be held responsible,” Naveau said.