Young Life moves

A new school year means changes. Along with the annual rotation, Olentangy Young Life, a Christian organization for high school students, moves to a new location.

Due to renovations in Lifepoint Church’s warehouse, Young Life moves to students’ Hunter H. ‘17 and CJ H. ‘20 home.

“I have a basketball court in my house, and when I [learned] we didn’t have a club room anymore, I asked my parents if we could [host] Young Life,” Hunter said.

Sophomore Evelyn B. believes Hunter and CJ’s home is better for club than the warehouse.

“Young Life is better now that it’s at [Hunter’s] house because it’s more personal and a better [environment],” Evelyn said.

However, the change takes longer to adjust to for others.

“[Young Life] isn’t bad that it’s not at the warehouse; it’s just a different feel that I have to get used to,” Dominic C. ‘17 said.

Even though students have to take more time to get used to the new location, active members are able to overlook the problem because of the positive energy of Young Life.

“Freshman year when [my sister] Maddie took me, I gravitated to [Young Life]. It was a lot of fun, and I wanted to go back every week,” Evelyn said.

Like Evelyn, Hunter expresses positivity about Young Life and its effect on her.

“Young Life has changed my life for the better. Accepting Jesus makes me feel free,” Hunter said.

Young Life club night is every Wednesday from 8-9 p.m. To learn more about Young Life and it’s new address, contact Hunter or the Olentangy Young Life leaders.baves-face-in-yl