Valentine’s Day leaps around school


The day is dreaded and despised by the single population; it is also loved and rejoiced by the lucky boys and girls who have found themselves in a relationship. This day bleeds hues of pinks, purples and reds, while also marketing a whole franchise of candies, candles and stuffed toys. The younger kids filling the elementary and middle school shower their sweethearts with small candy necklaces and cute handmade cards galore, while the high schoolers spend more time and money, with chocolates, flowers and even diamond jewelry. As people get older and mature, Valentine’s Day does too.

During early stages of schooling, elementary schools fill the month of February with paper hearts and candies, and a day dedicated to giving other kids candy in class. That is exactly what the kids love to celebrate with.

“I love Valentine’s Day at school so much. All the kids give me candy, and we have a huge party. My favorite candies are the heart-shaped chocolate,” Jack Deringer, third grade, said.

As the years progress in a child’s life, middle school removes the classroom Valentine’s Day party, and gifts are given to a boyfriend or girlfriend. These gifts go from “homemade paper cards to chocolates and flowers, and it’s almost like a requirement to buy something,” Sophie Flowers, seventh grade, said.

Even though extravagant gifts are not necessary for young preteens, these kids still shower their significant other with presents well over the price of a few chocolates.

“Last year I got my girlfriend a 6-foot teddy bear and a pandora bracelet. The teddy bear was also holding a dozen of her favorite flowers, and she loved that a lot,” Brady Ramsey, eighth grade, said.

When middle schoolers set the bar so high, it would be expected high schoolers would raise the bar higher, but surprisingly, that is not the case for many. Some flowers, chocolates and maybe even an inexpensive necklace would do just as well as any extravagant gift, Alec Evans, grade 12, said.

What was meant to be a day of celebrating those you love, whether your family, friends and significant others, has evolved into a day of gifts and expensive dinners. Even though it is not the case for everyone, it appears society has made an expectation for extravagant and outgoing acts of love that are not always needed. A simple box of chocolates and an ‘I love you’ would make anyone’s Valentine’s Day fantastic.