AP Art History launches at OHS

AP Art History launches at OHS

By: Morgan Davis

Lewis Center, Ohio

Olentangy High School will introduce a new art course called AP Art History. This upcoming school year, art teacher Jennifer Sosa has agreed to take on the challenge of this new class.

The class will visit the prehistoric era of art to the modern era of art, and they will focus on movements throughout our world’s history of art, Sosa said. 

This class is unlike other art classes offered at Olentangy because students don’t have to be good at art itself, but having an interest in art is prominent in being successful in the class. Art history was offered in the past; however it was hard to get students to join after the previous teacher Sarah Butler moved to Berlin High School. 

After Butler left, no one was qualified to step up and take her position “[but] I am learning more about the class and I’m ready,” Sosa said. 

This class will be for juniors and seniors, and students will analyze and interpret art through looking at different pieces of art and learning about various cultures. This class will cover art around the world as well as in the United States. 

“It sounded interesting to me because in elementary school my art teacher had all the different art eras in her room and I’ve always been curious about them,” Sophomore, Ashlee K. said. 

As of next year, students will be able to join this course. As well as learning more information about the history of art, students will gain more visual, comparative 

and contextual analysis skills.