New coach returns to alma mater


Chloe M. '17

1990 OHS alumna Kaitlin Raver is the newest addition to the cross country program as assistant coach after the number of runners increased this season.

“Size is a challenge as far as giving individualized attention, but the team has strength and depth in numbers. Everyone has a gift to contribute to the team as a whole,” Raver said.

Raver began coaching in 1996, and in 1999 helped lead the OHS girls team to fifth place in the Division two state championships.

Raver left the program in 2002 to fill an assistant coaching position at Liberty High School, where she helped grow the program from 12 to 75 girls. She was promoted to head coach seven years later, the team’s eyes set on Division one states.

“We put the dream in front of the girls and made sure they were doing the work to make it possible. In four years, the team was sixth in state,” Raver said.

Raver left Liberty in 2013 to lead the elite Newmarket Huskies Distance Track Club in Canada. The team became the 2014 Athletic Ontario Cross Country Champions– the Canadian equivalent of States.

With a new coach comes new changes to the program that are meant to promote a positive attitude and prevent future injuries.

“On Fridays we do yoga stretches… it helps especially when we have a meet the next day,” freshman Miranda M. said.

Raver taught the team isolated rope stretches as well to stop potential injuries in their tracks.

“The isolated stretching takes the muscles to ultimate relaxation,” junior Jack K. said.

In Raver’s eyes, believing a goal is in reach is the first step to achieving it. To believe in oneself allows hard work, persistence and vision to come to life and make a dream reality; this is why her primary goal is to build confidence in student-athletes.

“They are so much more capable of achieving great things if they feel empowered,” Raver said.