Strategies ease resolutions



The Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball drops as confetti flies in an empty Times Square, early Friday, Jan. 1, 2021, as the area normally packed with revelers remained closed off due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

The New Year can be too quick to keep up with, and New Year’s resolutions often come with stress and insecurity. It can be easier to achieve a goal when there are strategies to implement. 

Each resolution is different and may require different strategies, but there are also techniques which are applicable to any goal.

“A common strategy to keep focused on so you can reach goals is to concentrate on the present as opposed to looking back at the past or worrying about the future,” OHS guidance counselor Mike Naveau said.

To understand a goal is achievable, it is important to be grounded in the moment and get a new perspective.

“Break down the tasks needed with the steps necessary to reach the goal you want to achieve,” Naveau said. 

It is also important to write goals where they can be seen.

“In goal planning I rely on calendars or vision boards that are decorated and detailed because if it was hanging up it would catch my attention and I would be happy to complete the daily goals or steps towards a long term [goal],” Brooklyn F. ‘21 said.

Also, students can convince themselves to continue with peer or family encouragement. 

“To reach your goal, you need regular feedback and evaluation. I think that can be very effective,” Naveau said.

It is also imperative students encourage themselves.

“I would leave myself notes throughout the day to remind myself why I chose that resolution and how I would feel if I would stick to it,” Reece K. ‘23 said.

When used in a correct way, strategies can help students to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions.