Helena Ronnebaum focuses on her future

Helena R. ’22 is an ambitious student and has a bright future ahead. She plans to be either a lawyer or a neurologist.


Lauren H. '22, Writer

“I am hoping to graduate high school and receive a four-year bachelor’s degree at an undergrad school, then either Law School or Medical School,” Helena R. ‘21 said. 

As an ambitious 17 year old she has plenty on her plate. At Olentangy High School she is involved in numerous extracurricular activities, which include: global scholars, chess club, French club, BKOM, service club, and recycling club, as well as the role of president of the OHS page turners and a senior officer for National Honors Society. 

It’s evident that she has a love of reading and wants to continue to share that with her peers,” page turner advisor and English teacher Madison Cheyunski said. 

As of right now, she would love to be either a lawyer for intellectual property or a neurologist, however, she has not ruled out English or history related jobs just yet. 

Not only does she see law or neurology in her future, her peers do as well. 

“Helena would be a great lawyer. Ever since I’ve met her she has been very passionate about politics, debates and morals. As for neurology, I  know that she shadowed at a neuro – clinic for degenerative disorders and had great things to say about her experience,” Collin F. ‘22 said. 

She has always considered law as her future job because the person she idolizes most has exposed it to her. 

“I have always looked up to my mom, she balances an exhausting job with being a mom of two high-schoolers with many needs and grievances. She also practices law, which has inspired me as well,” Helena R. ‘21  said. 

In addition to the extracurriculars at school, she is busy with soccer year-round. In the fall, she plays on the Varsity team for Olentangy. She has played all four years and has been on varsity for two. In the winter and spring, she plays club soccer. She started playing club at only six years old at Classics Eagles and played there until she was 15. She played at Ohio Premiere Elite Clubs National League for two years and is currently playing for Polaris Soccer Club. She does not plan to continue playing in college but will miss the sport.   

Although her high school years are almost over, she is very excited for what the future holds and will continue to work hard no matter what career she pursues.