Hecker Impacts Classroom

Hecker Impacts Classroom

Avarielle S. '23 , Writer

Rachel Hecker is an English teacher and has taught students for four years. Hecker teaches Advanced Placement Seminar, Honors English 10 and Advanced Placement Research. She has also had careers in marketing, advertising and compliance.

“I enjoy Mrs. Heckers way of teaching since she challenges us quite a bit. I learn a lot from the mistakes that I [make] whenever I get challenged. She’s different because she has us handle a lot of responsibilities, and with the many tasks that we have to do, we get to learn and grow from them individually,” Grace Nguyen ‘24 said.

Hecker’s students make an impact on the way she teaches class. Students’ well-being comes first, and the subject-matter second. Her students help form the classroom and improve the way she teaches.

“She feels much more involved and personal than other teachers, even taking notes feels much more engaging than other classes,” Keever Whitefield ‘23 said.

When Hecker is outside of school, she enjoys doing other hobbies. Hecker likes to garden and relax into a good book. She is also interested in outdoor activities such as hikes at National Parks, water activities and she also likes to camp.

On a perfect Saturday, Hecker would like to have an early morning run through the woods while the sun rises and stop by the Worthington Farmers Market for coffee and purchase fresh, local produce. At midday, she makes a homemade brunch on the balcony along with OSU football on television with close friends. Hecker would also paddle board at night. To end the day, she would have a bonfire and stargaze in the fields at night.

Hecker grew up with five siblings which includes her one older sister, two older brothers and two younger sisters. They have all built strong bonds through vacations several times a year and grew up very close to each other. Through life experiences, Hecker has had wonderful role models. Her number one role models are her parents.

“They have given me such wonderful examples of what it means to have true strength of character,” Hecker said.

Hecker describes herself in three words: adventurous, charismatic and compassionate. Hecker is adventurous because she is always up for a new challenge and perseveres through hikes at National Parks. Hecker is charismatic because she is approachable, and she loves to meet new people and learn more about them. She is compassionate because she tries to understand how people are.

“ I try to always have compassion toward others, and the invisible stories they carry with them,” Hecker said.