Thomas joins Olentangy staff


Anneliese H. '23, Writer

Due to Covid-19, there has been extensive rearrangement of staff between schools. Olentangy has received a number of new teachers, one of which is Ansley Thomas.

Thomas went into college as a major-undecided student.

“When I was in college, I signed up to be a tutor,” chemistry teacher Thomas said.

Though most of the students she taught were fellow classmates, this small taste of her future career revealed to her what she was good at. 

“I looked towards my roommate and told her I knew what I wanted to be when I graduated: a teacher,” Thomas said.

Thomas contains a fervent world view that reflects in her passion for her career.

Joy isn’t something temporary or depending on circumstances,” Thomas said. “It’s an eternal mindset and world view.” 

Thomas’s students enjoy the way she teaches her classes in preparation for their futures.

“She tells us what to expect in college which is pretty helpful,” Aleena S. ‘22 said.

The students also enjoy the differences in the way she teaches compared to their past teachers.

“We are using a different website than Schoology to turn in our online assignments,” Teja T. ‘21 said. “Our class is also super small compared to my other classes so we know all of our classmates.”

Despite Covid, Thomas is still enthusiastic about her career and the students she teaches, and like all of the students this year, she is ready to learn.  It is her first year as a teacher, so she admits her mistakes with zeal.

“Sometimes I will falter and question myself, which is natural,” Thomas said.

With the rearrangements of staff this year, Thomas is one of many teachers who had to experience change; however, the students and staff are prepared to battle the challenges that come with the new school year.