Olentangy battles to be in the know

Olentangy battles to be in the know

Hanna S.'22, Writer

In the Know is an after-school group where members are quizzed on general knowledge. Members of the team travel around Ohio to compete against other high schools in competitions. 

“Think high school Jeopardy,” Co- adviser of In the Know Sarah Palmer said. 

Olentangy’s team has achieved great success. They are ranked No. 13 in the state which makes them one of the only public schools in the top 15. 

In the Know is associated with the WOSU Public Media. The organization works to engage, inspire and inform people all across Ohio. They promote life-long learning and value public service. 

In relation to In the Know’s association with WOSU, there are studios at the Fawcett Center on Ohio State’s campus where the competitions are held.

“In the Know teams compete at weekly tournaments and can potentially advance as far as states to compete against the best,” member Keshav S. ‘23 said 

At each competition there is a judge who officiates, as well as, a program host who asks the questions. The questions are based on a variety of high school subjects, such as science or visual arts. There are a total of eight students who compete at a time (four from each school), according to WOSU.org

“A few members, myself included, have represented Olentangy on TV for the WOSU In the Know tournament,” Captain Collin E. ‘21 said.

Olentangy took home the champion title from the 2015-2016 WOSU tournament, and  alongside the champion team, the additional top three high schools are awarded scholarships from The Ohio State University, according to WOSU.org

School groups such as In the Know are a beneficial way for both teachers and students to get involved in the community. The team at OHS meets on Wednesdays after school and are advised by fellow teachers. Each meeting, students work to prepare as they continue to expand their knowledge.

“When I first started teaching here at OHS, the then- adviser Herr Krammes asked me if I would like to help advise. I like trivia so I said yes. We were co- advisers for a few years and then I had children, so I stepped away. When he retired, Mrs. Dieterle and Mme. Lammers took over. Since Mrs. Dieterle now has a baby, I stepped back in with Mme. Lammers,” Palmer said.

Each year there is an informational meeting for those interested. Olentangy is full of potential talent, so often, students get encouraged to join by previous members.

“I heard about In the Know because I had competed in a National history bee and was recruited out of eighth grade for the team,” Collin E. ‘21 said.

In the Know is a safe and fun space for students to showcase their academic trivia and problem solving skills. The team works to welcome everyone, even those who do not believe they are cut out for it.

“People may know random facts, and can always come hangout. The group is chill and accepting, and it is one of my favorite parts of OHS,” Collin E. ‘21 said.