Students assemble new journalism lab lounge


Hanna S.'22, Writer

As of November 2019, students of Olentangy High School (OHS) have shopped, purchased and assembled a lounge area in the journalism lab (j-lab). The design of this simplistic yet purposeful space, allows students to work in an environment that is home-like and comfortable.  

The new furniture consists of two lounge chairs, two bean bag chairs, a coffee table and a coat rack. The items were bought from Amazon and Ikea, and were paid for with money from the yearbook student activity account. As the items arrived, students volunteered to put the furniture together and design the set up of the space.

“As the furniture was picked we wanted to make sure it was comfortable but still functional. The living room is a great addition to the j-lab because it is a space for people to go and unwind when they are stressed, and it is a place for conversation,” Reagan B ‘21 said.

The lounge space can be seen as a safe place for students to fall back on.

“This year the Professional Development across the whole district revolves around self regulation which fits perfectly with the theme of self-care and de-stress the j-lab encourages,” journalism teacher Jessica Roads said.

The idea of the lab lounge was proposed by yearbook student Kylie R’20  once she realized students were hunched over at their desks for majority of the day. She stated students need a comfortable place to relax while they work.

Comfort is a key factor students need in order to be productive in given work times. The constant “go, go, go” mentality is not for everyone, and it can be hard to manage for eight hours a day, five days a week. 

“A school desk and chair can stress people out, so if students can get away from it for a class period or even a few minutes it is beneficial,” Lauren H ’22  said.

Students who spend time in the j-lab know the class is not run the way a traditional class is.

“The classes I teach lend themselves towards collaboration and creativity, so to have a space which allows this is important,” Roads said.

When students work their brains all day it takes a toll on their bodies, so the creation of the lab lounge gives them a space to grow together while still in an educational setting.

“We now have our own little corner in the school where the bright fluorescent lights are not so bright, and where the stiff desks do not kill our backs. It is important to have a space such as this because it makes school enjoyable when you know you can relax and get work done; they do not have to be two separate tasks,” Kylie R ‘20 said.