Black Friday Ideas For Shopping

Black Friday Ideas For Shopping

Crystal T.'21, Writer

Thanksgiving is a time when friends and families spend their whole day together celebrating and counting each others blessings. Now after the big meal, people dress in layers and prepare themselves for the long journey to wait several hours outside in line to get the best deals. They spend all night digging through the hundreds of piles of clothes or games to find the best item. This night is when families usually look for early holiday gifts to give one another. Since several people look for the perfect gift during this time; here are some useful tips to get everyone ready for the season.

The first hack is to arrive early. Deals usually start around six in the evening. The earlier someone arrives, the more likely they will receive the door buster deals. In these deals, people can sometimes get a free gift with their purchase. For example, for a couple of years now, Victoria Secret’s doorbusters consist of a pajama set and a free limited edition tote bag.

“My mom loves going to the store early to get all the doorbuster deals before they sell out,” junior Ava E. ‘21 said. 

The second lifesaving hack for Black Friday, is to wear layers which are easily removable. Although it is painful outside waiting in the cold lines, once one enters the store they feel the instant body heat of hundreds of people. As everyone digs through the piles of clothes, they will be glad they are not wearing a heavy winter coat. Wearing a hoodie with a T-shirt underneath is the easiest option. When people get hot, they can easily remove their hoodie and tie it around their waist so it does not get in the way of their shopping experience. 

“My go-to Black Friday outfit is a hoodie with a flannel because it keeps me warm outside, and when I get in the store I can just remove the flannel and tie it around my waist,” junior Anelise H. ‘21 said.

The final hack for Black Friday is to bring an easy big accessible bag which can fold up quickly and conveniently. When someone is shopping and carrying around goods using a big bag, it will help them to maneuver around the store easier rather than if they had to push around a shopping cart. Even when they are racing someone for a certain item, running with a bag will also be a good weapon. An easy bag would be recycled plastic bags people purchase from the grocery stores. 

“Black Friday is one of the most hectic times of the year, but it is also one of the most fun to work,” manager of Hollister, Sandi Russell said.

If someone arrives to the mall or store a week earlier they can pick out the items they want in advance, making their Black Friday trip faster. Hopefully these hacks help and good luck Black Friday shopping!