Young vocalist establishes future


Camille C. '21, Writer

Inspired by one of her closest friends in seventh grade, Madison S.’19 has always had a passion for theater and singing. Since it is one of her favorite activities to do both inside and outside of school, Madison S. plans to continue her affection for the arts into the next stage: college and her future.

“During my middle school years, my friend convinced me to join the musical with her to see how things would go. After we joined, I immediately fell in love with all the people in choir and instantly knew that this is what I wanted to do,” Madison S. said.

After she began her musical career in seventh grade, Madison S. has worked her way up in the theater program over her high school years to become a part of the chamber choir, the president of the Olentangy Vocal Program and the vice president of the Theater Program.

Madison S.’s job requires her to deal with frequent downfalls throughout performances, but she finds a way to make a positive outcome.

“Making mistakes happens a lot in choir. Being president of the vocal program and vice president of the theater can be a bit much to juggle with the rest of my extracurriculars and work. I just remember to laugh off my mistakes and find my inner focus to help my section,” Madison S. said.

Madison S. decided to take her singing career more seriously when she got to high school, and was influenced by her current teachers, Timothy Smith and Mike Doyle.

“These teachers encouraged me as a student to take vocal and theater lessons, so I can fulfill my potential career in singing,” Madison S. said.

In choir and theater class, Madison S. is described as a strong leader who has a positive influence towards her classmates.

“Madison S. has consistently demonstrated good leadership skills, as well as being a positive person both in music and her general behavior,” Choir Teacher Smith said.

Throughout Madison S.’s career, she has learned to work as a team, listen to others and find different approaches and styles to see the best outcome.

“All these traits will help me become a better person, and help me later in life,” Madison S. said.