Moving creates new cultural experiences


Cam Drummond

Permission to print by Gabry E. 19.

Camron D. '21, Writer


Moving can be a difficult stage for people. However for some this is an amazing experience to go stay in another country and be able to study the other cultures of the world.

Ahmed E. ‘19, also known as Gabry, is a student here at OHS. He is a new addition to the Braves, and plays football when not at school. Gabry E. is from Egypt, and moved here this summer. It is a new experience and a clean slate for him. Gabry E. likes school here so far, and is happy with his teachers and classes.

“Ms. Hickey, my history teacher, is my favorite teacher. I think she is really cool,” Gabry E. said.

Gabry E. has made friends while involved in sports. He has met new people, and is able to have an American school experience. Gabry E. is only here for the school year, and will return to Egypt in the summer.

According to Gabry E., in Egypt there are no after school programs or activities, so he is grateful to able to be apart of our school football team. He is ready for this new football season, and is excited to be a Brave.

“I play football for the Braves. In Egypt, you would go home, eat and do homework, then go hangout with friends,” Gabry E. said.

“I think I am fitting in pretty well here,” Gabry E.said.

He says he can’t wait to tell his family and friends at home about school in America. Gabry also says he likes going to history class to learn about our nation. He likes his host family as well, and He says they are nice to him and take good care of him.

“They are very active and involved in many things,” Gabry E. said.

Gabry E.’s host parents names are Enzo and Lizann and they have two other kids in the house named Lucas and Jason. Gabry E. says that they have a great sense of humor and they are very nice people. Gabry E. likes people with a great sense of humor.

This new experience for Gabry is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see what it is like to go to public school in the United States. He says he can’t wait to see how his year goes here at OHS.