Young artist sculpts her future


Permission to print from Mackenzie B. ’19.

Kylee B. '21, Writer

Inspired by her grandma at a young age, art student Mackenzie B. ‘19 has always had a knack for art. Not only is it her favorite hobby, she also plans on making it her career in the near future.

“My grandma would always do crafts with me and my sister Reagan, so she was definitely a huge inspiration for me in terms of art,” Mackenzie B. said.

Although Mackenzie B.’s grandma died when she was seven, her grandpa would always get her art supplies for Christmas. He got her art supplies because he loved seeing her create art like her grandma once did.

Mackenzie B. has taken 13 art courses throughout her high school career, ranging from drawing to jewelry. Ceramics is her favorite class, because she likes making pieces that are functional and useful to someone.

“It wasn’t until my freshman year of high school that I knew I wanted to take art to a deeper level and possibly make it a career someday,” Mackenzie B. said.

She has visited a handful of colleges in the past year or so, including The Ohio State University, University of Cincinnati and the Columbus College of Art and Design. UC is her favorite because she said it has an outstanding art program, and they have plenty of internship opportunities to help her find a job in the future. She also “really likes the art studios.”

Outside of school, Mackenzie B. takes art classes at the Delaware Arts Castle, taught by OHS Art Teacher Rhainy Edwards. Edwards is credited for inspiring Mackenzie B. to step out of her comfort zone and think outside the box when creating her art pieces.

“Mackenzie continuously challenges herself both technically and creatively so I always enjoy the project she is working on currently. She not only has dedicated time during school, but outside of school as well. She has been taking classes at the Delaware Arts Castle since 2014,” Edwards said.

The Arts Castle is where Mackenzie B. creates most of the pieces she sells. She sells her pieces on Facebook or to family and friends. Mackenzie B.s plans to have her own art booth at a craft show in Nov. or Dec. There, she can showcase her pieces and sell them to anyone who is interested.

“My favorite set I have made is my dinner set I made at the Arts Castle. It is the biggest set I made. At the start it was going to be three separate sets, but then I ended up combining them all together. It is my favorite because I like the variety throughout it,” Mackenzie B. said.

Edwards thinks “Mackenzie is definitely going to have a career in the arts.” Additionally every piece Mackenzie B. creates is her favorite. With years of art classes under her belt and countless pieces created, Mackenzie B.’s future could not look brighter.

Permission to print by Mackenzie B.