It’s not true if it’s not light blue

It is shrouded in a coating of light blue. The words “Snickers Crisper” are plastered on the center, instantly attracting the eye to its vibrant colors. Once the wrapper has been removed, the true form of this chocolate is revealed. It is a grand square wrapped delicately in luxurious milk chocolate. The exterior is smooth and has little grooves all around it. The light scent of crisp chocolate wafts upward from the candy, enveloping the air in its sweet aroma. The small rice puffs that make this candy crispy are visible on the bottom, small and white. Once the chocolate has been bitten, the interior filling is revealed, causing all who look upon it to desire its beautiful flavor. The Snickers Crisper, the emperor of all candy, melts in the mouth instantly once the caramel has been unleashed. The smooth and luscious caramel sits atop of a row of salted peanuts. Below the peanuts is a bumpy road of small rice puffs. The caramel and chocolate are paired nicely together, and the peanuts bring the whole mixture together, allowing for the end to be beyond satisfying. The smooth chocolate blends with the fusion of salt and sugar. Caramel melting, peanuts crunching, the Snickers Crisper is beyond imagination. It is a wonderful spin on the classic combination of peanut butter and chocolate that many praise. Crunching, tasting, and enjoying, this sublime coated chocolate bar is a must for any time of the year.