Sunday Candy

Never would you think so much joy could come from a little mini, fun-sized, chocolate square. Filled on the inside with caramel and nuts that make our taste buds go nuts, digging into the deep pores of you tongue. Snickers is the candy you can always depend on to make you smile at any moment you want a treat. Snickers is the most eaten candy around this time of year. Every bowl on Halloween is filled with Snickers. Ever check out the booth at the grocery store? It always has Snickers on the rack waiting to be devoured. The chocolate aroma fills your nostrils. Oh, how Snickers bring such joy.

“You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.” Eat a snickers.

As you place the square on your tongue and start to chew, just imagine heaven, with chocolate so rich it makes your taste buds dance, and it melts and as you chew a blast of caramel flows throughout your tongue down to your throat. The caramel disguises the peanut in the chocolate. All of  the different textures and tastes are your mouth.