Simple DIY costumes to help you own Halloween this year

Aubrey V. '19, Writer

Did you just realize Halloween is coming up, but you’re feeling too lazy to put the work into a rockin’ costume?  Fear not.  Here are four DIY costumes which don’t require much work for your Halloween enjoyment:

Photo courtesy of Studio DIY



Become the most trendy fruit of our age with just four cheap materials.

Materials Needed:

-Yellow shirt or dress


-Green paper

-Toilet paper roll


How To:  Attach a toilet paper roll vertically onto the headband.  Take green paper and cut it into long pineapple-looking leaves, then glue the leaves onto the toilet paper roll starting at the top and circling down to the bottom.

If you’re extra: Add your favorite pair of sunglasses to take the trendiness to the next level.


Christmas Tree

Who needs Halloween when Christmas is less than two months away?!

Materials Needed:

-Green shirt or sweater


-Small ornaments

-Hot glue gun

How To:  Wrap the tinsel around the sweater or shirt as if decorating a Christmas tree and attach it with hot glue.  Next, glue the ornaments all around the top to complete the look.

If you’re extra: Add a strand of lights to get lit at your neighborhood party.


Photo courtesy of MacKenzie Vance



For the Disney fan who is looking to do the least… this one’s for you.

Materials Needed:

-Oversized pink shirt

-Purple leggings


-Two pink hair ties

How to:  Put your feet through the holes of the leggings, your head through the biggest hole of the shirt, and your arms in the holes on the side.  Don’t forget to tie your hair into pigtails.

If you’re extra: Create a cardboard door to carry around with you so there is absolutely no question to how dedicated a fan you are of Monsters Inc.



Photo courtesy of “The Office”



For the laziest of you out there, take a page out of The Office character Jim Halpert’s book.

Materials Needed:

-face paint

How To: Write book on your face.

If you’re extra:  Chances are if you choose this, you’re not extra.