Spring date ideas


The flowers are in bloom, birds are chirping, the sun is shining and romance is just as alive as ever. You and your significant other have survived the winter; the onslaught of people trying to “cuff” your boo for a warm hand to hold is finally behind you. Now the time has finally come to celebrate this and the strength of your relationship with a date. Spend some time together in the crisp spring air, run around in the green grass a bit and rejoice in the fact that you’ve nearly made it to the end of the year with your s/o. Here are a couple ideas for some simple and cute, spring-y around Columbus.


German Village:

The most notable attraction in Columbus’ German Village is the restaurant, Schmidt’s, serving traditional German dishes and creating an out-of-country feel when you dine in. A restaurant like this is perfect for a date with your significant other, and no, I’m not just saying this because of the tremendous cream puffs (I totally am, though).

Additionally, German Village is just an overall cute area to walk hand-in-hand through, the uneven brick roads covered in fallen petals from the blossoming trees making it a feel-good environment to spend time with your boo.


Uptown Westerville:

Uptown Westerville. An underrated and overlooked little blip on our North-Columbus radar with it’s own character and personality aside from the rest of the city. With a plethora of restaurants and hipster coffee shops, to Amish antique stores and David Myer’s art galleries, Uptown has something for everyone to enjoy. Walk around from place to place on the busy sidewalks and watch as your s/o’s eyes light up as they recall the things they’ve most enjoyed about the day with you there.


Columbus Zoo:


Yes, the zoo can be a bit cliche, but that doesn’t mean you have to be miserable the whole time you’re there or immediately just shrug it off. Get a funnel cake or pretzel one saturday morning and walk around from exhibit to exhibit in one of Columbus’ most renowned tourist attractions. Thanks, Jack Hanna.




Opening March 24th, ZipZone offers four different through-canopy tours on zipline. From taking a tour through Franklin County Metro Parks and learning about it’s wildlife inhabitants to the Full Moon Tour every month, people are for sure going to have a great time and make memories.

Admittedly, this one is a bit more costly than the others. Prices of the tours range from $46 to $71 per person, but in the end, a little splurge for a day full of fun with your best friend fills the void your bank account once held.


South Drive-in Theatre:


Located in South Columbus and opening mid-March, South Drive-in Theatre is perfect for those of you with a truck bed, a hatchback, a convertible or just an aesthetic for drive-in movies. Put a twist on your normal movie date and sit in the comfort of your own car to watch that movie you’ve been wanting to see.

Also, a huge plus to this is, 1. not having to pay outrageous amounts for movie theater popcorn and concessions and, 2. Not having to worry about getting caught with or where you’re going to put the snacks you’d otherwise have to sneak in. No one cares if you bring a 20 piece chicken nugget meal with you to the drive in.


Westerville Mini Golf and Batting Cages:


If you’re anything like me, you don’t have the patience for mini golf (or the aim). However, Westerville Mini Golf and Batting Cages offers a cute little scene at each hole. With the water running behind you, spring wind blowing about and the indiscreet chatter from those around the other holes, going mini golfing is bound to be a fun time, no matter how good at it you are.

Bonus: if you or you s/o is a softball or baseball player (or you just want to make a friendly competition) you can head over to the batting cages.


Picnic at Alum Creek:

Alum Creek may not sound all that exciting considering most of us have to either pass or drive over it everyday to get to school, but don’t write it off just yet. There’s plenty of picnic areas and tables, and sometimes even a grill at the public areas. And hey, maybe you don’t need a grill or a table, so you kick it old school and put a blanket on the sand by the water and chow down. It’s relatively cheap, the only money needed to be spent would be on whatever food wasn’t already in either of your houses seeing as the reservoir has multiple public access points. There’s so many options- what food to take, which part to go to, etc.- and to be honest, nearly any date with food is a good date.

Besides, you can’t get much more “spring-y” than a picnic by a lake.




As one of the largest outdoor malls in Columbus, Easton has a huge variety of shops and restaurants to endure. Polaris is cool, yeah, but why coop up inside when you can go to all the same stores at Easton and see the beautiful spring weather? Walk around, window shop, eat outside.

If you’re really brave, you could always join the little kids playing in the fountain. That’d definitely be a story for the grandkids.




Concerts are always a sure win for a date, and a bunch of cool artists are coming to C’bus this year. What with the lack of actual communication you have to have with the other person (perfect if you’re awkward) and the great music, everyone loves a good show. Multiple venues across Columbus, such as Express Live Pavilion (previously, the LC Pavilion), are outdoor. Not only do you get to experience a sick artist and their performance, but you get to do it all in the warmth of spring, with the person you’re head over heels for.


Ice cream dates:


A personal favorite date location of mine would have to be anywhere with ice cream. Cheap and delicious, simply going to get some ice cream with your s/o is something to feel ironically warm about. Whether you prefer Jenni’s, Graeter’s, Baskin Robbins or Sticky Fingers, there’s undeniably plenty of places to pop in and grab a couple of cones for you both. Eat your frozen treat outside and have laugh as the other gets brain freeze or drops it on themselves.

Maybe even get a bit on their nose if you’re sneaky enough to get away with it, it’ll be a cute Insta pic.