NCAA March Madness predictions

March Madness, the biggest college basketball tournament of the year, is fast approaching. This is when Division 1 college basketball teams play against each other to win the National College Athletic Association championship.

It’s time to get out your brackets because it’s March. Last year’s NCAA’s March Madness basketball champion was Villanova with North Carolina as the runner up, so stakes are high for this year’s tournament.

Gonzaga university is currently number one in the division  it’s likely they will head to the final four this year against Villanova ranked second in the division who are both from the Big East and West Coast conferences.

With big name universities like Duke, UCLA and Oregon university in the upcoming midwest conference games, it’s likely Duke will be a tough match for the others considering their wins this season and their past March Madness wins.

Kansas University and Baylor will be coming in after Villanova and Gonzaga, as they are ranked third and fourth in the 2017 bracket  with a record of 20-3 and 19-4 according to There’s a possibility Villanova, Gonzaga, Kansas and Baylor could all make it to the Final Four this year.

Those four teams have already made the early bracket for the upcoming selection Sunday for this year’s tournament. The selection Sunday 16 seeds are North Carolina University

Florida State, Louisville and Oregon which occupied the No. 2 line. University of Kentucky, Arizona, Virginia and Florida were the No. 3s and UCLA, Duke, West Virginia and Butler earned No. 4 seeds.

As the beginning of the tournament fast approaches the starting lineup for the tournament in the east region looks like Villanova, Louisville, Kentucky and UCLA. For the midwest it will to be Kansas, Florida University, Arizona and Duke. For the west it will be Gonzaga, Oregon, Virginia and West Virginia and finally for the south it will to be Baylor, North Carolina, Florida and Butler.

“I think it’s going to be Duke, Kansas, Gonzaga and Villanova because they’re the best teams in the NCAA,” Josh A. ‘20 said.

“Villanova, Kansas, UCLA and Oregon because they’re good at basketball” Rohan C. ‘17 said.

“Villanova will win because they won last year” Shane Profio ‘17 said.

Villanova is projected to win the east tournament. Kansas is projected to win the midwest, Gonzaga is predicted to win the west and Baylor is going to take the south according to and finally, Gonzaga is most likely to win the overall tournament because they are the best in the league.


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