Powderpuff tackles MDA

Ashley C. '19, Writer

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 OHS girls spent the last week and a half preparing for the powderpuff football game. They grabbed their boyfriend’s cleats, picked out the best game day attire and found the black face paint that was lost in their night stand for seven years. Because for these girls,  it was game time.

The powderpuff game was a fundraiser for Muscular Dystrophy Association. Each player paid $20 support the cause to find a cure.cheerleader-2

“My favorite part was knowing that it was for a good purpose and knowing what I did was for children who were unable to play football. I was there to have fun for a good cause,” junior defense-middle linebacker Savannah C. said.juniors-2-2

The first game was the sophomores versus the juniors. The sophomore coaches included Braxtyn B. ‘17, Justin S. ‘18, Austin C. ‘17 and Kyler S. ‘17. The sophomores, last year’s freshmen, beat the graduated senior class of 2016 in their powderpuff game. The sophomores advanced to the championship and lost to the senior class of ‘17. They fought to return and make it to the championship again and come home with some hardware.sophomores-3-2

The coaches for the juniors were Xander G. ‘18, Braydon C. ‘18, Nick P. ‘17 and Connor S. ‘18. With their loss last year they came back looking for the win.

“We played a heck of a game, but Wells robbed us,” senior Braxtyn said.

In the end, the juniors won and advanced to the championship game. The score was 25-24. The sophomore coaches sent pictures of the plays so the team could study them, and the girls had extra practices to prepare, “[The game] could have gone either way,” wide receiver Emily H ‘19 said.

In the second game, the freshmen and the seniors faced off. The senior class  of ‘17 won last year in the championship and planned to hold onto the title.

The seniors had Sam D. ‘17,  Deonta M. ‘17,Cam K. ‘17 and  Kenny K. ‘17 as coaches. For the freshmen the coaches included Xavier H. ‘18, Collin W. ‘18, Jacob S. ‘18 and brother Zach S. ‘18.senior-coaches-2

“It was hard playing the seniors because they had [more] experience, and we did not,” wide receiver Shelby B. ‘20 said.

The seniors pulled out with the win and advanced to the championship for the second year in a row, with the score 12-0.freshman-2-2

“The freshmen, sophomores and juniors were the ones talking, we just came to play,” coach Kenny said.

The seniors and the juniors competed for the title of Powderpuff Champions. The seniors beat the juniors 24-0 and won the championship game for the second year in a row.senior-champs-2

“Our biggest opponent were the juniors,” running back Emma T. ‘17 said. “It was neat being back to back champs for powderpuff, but my favorite part was how close it makes our class.”