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"We have issues"

The Beacon

"We have issues"

The Beacon

"We have issues"

The Beacon

2019-2020 Staff

Crystal T.21

Crystal T.’21

Crystal Tse is a junior at Olentangy High School, and she is a designer for online and print beacon. Crystal enjoys attending concerts and going shopping. She has a little sister named Carmen who goes to Alum Creek as a kinderg...

Jordan S.21

Jordan S.’21

Jordan Soards is a junior at Olentangy High School. Jordan has no personality and lacks basic ethical qualities. She works at Marshall’s 30+ hours a week and averages about 9 hours of sleep total during the week. She uses humor...

Lily B.21 and Max W.20

Lily B.’21 and Max W.’20

Lily Bean is a junior at Olentangy and Max Williams is a Senior. They both like to hang with friends and family in their free time. Lily has three dogs and loves to play with them. She is involved with Younglife and enjoys the...

Savannah C.22

Savannah C.’22

Savannah is a sophomore at Olentangy High School, and this is her first year on the Beacon staff. She plays golf and bowling for the school. Savannah has a twin sister named Katie, and she loves spending time with her family a...

Lauren S.21

Lauren S.’21

Lauren is a wild soul. She’s very down to earth and sarcastic. When she’s not watching netflix or eating she is hanging out with friends or family. She’s captain of the Olentangy varsity girls’ golf team and she wants to cont...

Hanna S.22

Hanna S.’22

Hanna is a sophomore at Olentangy and could practically live on the beach. She is on the school soccer team, and she is also involved in club soccer outside of school. In her free time she likes to hangout with friends, read, ...

Sam H.22

Sam H.’22

Sam Hargett is a Junior at Olentangy who plays basketball and soccer. He is also involved in service club and is a big fan of Columbus Crew and the Portland Trail Blazers. He hopes to one day become involved in sports journalism....