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"We have issues"

The Beacon

"We have issues"

The Beacon

"We have issues"

The Beacon

2017-2018 Staff

Olivia S. 19 and Stephanie F. 19

Olivia S. ’19 and Stephanie F. ’19

After their first year on staff for the Online Beacon, Co-Editors Olivia S. '19 and Stephanie F. '19 are back for another year. Olivia enjoys music, sports and cooking. Stephanie loves to work at Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics,...

Ali G. 19

Ali G. ’19

Ali G. is a dancer at 7 Dance Academy, and dancing is her favorite thing to do. She's been a competitive dancer since she was six, and has danced since she was three. In her free time, Ali likes to take naps, watch shows on Ne...

Maggie M. 19

Maggie M. ’19

Maggie has a large interest in writing, and wants to go to Ohio University. In her free time she likes to watch Netflix. Her favorite shows are the Vampire Diaries and Riverdale. Maggie also plays lacrosse, and has played for...

Reagan H. 19

Reagan H. ’19

Reagan is a competitive dancer. She enjoys writing, hanging out with her friends, Olentangy football games, shopping and photography. She loves editing pictures on Photoshop and editing videos in iMovie. She has a younger siste...

Delaney W. 19

Delaney W. ’19

Delaney is a dancer at Dublin Dance Centre and that takes up most of her time. In the little bit of free time she has, she enjoys eating out at new restaurants, shopping and binge watching shows on Netflix. She currently is wa...

Will M. 19

Will M. ’19

Will is an avid Ohio sports fan, who loves Columbus and Cleveland teams. He also loves to be outdoors, and when he’s done passionately studying and debating politics, he listens to classic rock. Will loves The Grateful Dead, L...

Taryn D. 19

Taryn D. ’19

Taryn loves to read, write, and listen to music. She obsesses over everything Disney. Her hobbies include going to amusement parks and concerts. She would love to work in journalism or in a field of English. ...

Emily S. 19

Emily S. ’19

Emily is a junior who plays softball for Cap City Force and OHS, as well as field hockey for OHS. She likes baseball and her favorite team is the Cleveland Indians. She has played the viola for seven years, and is in orchestr...

Aubrey V. 19

Aubrey V. ’19

Aubrey V. is a junior at OHS, and this is her first year on The Beacon Staff. Aubrey dances at Generations Performing Arts Center, and spends most of her time outside of school dancing. When she's not at dance, you can find her...

Ashley C. 19

Ashley C. ’19

Ashley is a dancer at 7 Dance Academy and a cheerleader for the OHS. Ashley is on the Varsity football and competition cheer teams. She loves the feeling of cheering on the Braves on a Friday night. She also is interested in music....