Students feel effects of end of year slump

Kylee B. '21, Writer

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As the school year comes to an end, all students want to do is focus hard and study for hours. Instead of daydreaming of summer in class, students find themselves planning schedules for their exams. All focus is thrown into their school work.

During this time of the year, teachers are always fair. Everyone loves last minute tests, AP exams and final exams, and do not forget those awesome end of the year projects. The 100-point projects with two page long rubrics are enjoyable and allow students to kick back and relax during the last few weeks of the year. The last tests of the quarter also happen to be the easiest ones of the whole school year. It would bring joy to all the students if the school year went on forever.

Not to mention the schedules are completely normal, with Ohio State Tests(OST), pep rallies and assemblies. OST’s and AP testing are only four hour tests, and do not take much brain power. School seems awesome when there are 30 minute classes and the motivation of students is at its highest. Everyone is so energized after prom weekend and cannot wait to get back to more studying. In the same way, teachers could not be more sad the year is coming to an end.

Seniors are devastated they get out of school a week before everyone else. Plus, throughout the school year the seniors are itching to get back to their work instead of being interupted by senior skip days and the Der Dutchman trip. The seniors are praised for being the most productive students in the school.

The weather stays 80 degrees and sunny, and students find themselves wanting to sit inside the school for seven hours of their day. Too much Vitamin D could be hazardous to their health, students could imagine wanting to swim or hangout with friends at the most fun time of the entire school year. After all, students are heartbroken because they have to say goodbye to their favorite teachers, students do not know what to do with their lives now that all the tests, exams and projects are finished. Summer seems dreadful, and all they can think about is August and the start of a new school year.