The impactful issue of cyberbullying

Camron D. '21, Writer

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Cyberbullying is a hot button issue in America, and has been for years now. People have made calls to action several times throughout the years. Everything put on the Internet is saved and those comments someone posts stays with that person.

There have been several movies and TV shows to help show teens cyberbullying can be dangerous and can cost a person their life. People have tried other numerous strategies to get this message across. Pacer National Bullying Center (PNBC) has helped teens and others learn there is help out there, and there is always a place to go for help. One of the biggest difficulties surrounding cyberbullying is it is hard for parents and adults to help their children by getting them the help they need.

Rates of cyberbullying went from 5 percent to 74 percent in 2019. Cyberbullying has resulted in serious emotional problems for teens and young children according to, NBPC.

Cyberbullies think it is funny to bullying someone online because they don’t think they will get caught. Also they don’t think of the outcomes. Things teens post online can have a bad outcome in the future. Like when applying to jobs or getting into college. Teachers have said it is hard to notice cyberbullying according to

“I do believe cyberbullying is an issue, and I see the impact it has on our students. It is much easier to bully someone without being face-to-face,” Lauren Wozniak, local guidance counselor said.

Wozniak also said it is easier for the person who is cyberbullying because they cannot see one’s reactions, feelings and emotions.

“I think there are several ways to prevent it. First and foremost, students can benefit from learning and practicing empathy. I also believe open, frequent dialogue and communication with adults is important. Adults can help monitor students’ behavior online,” Wozniak said.

There are no laws against cyberbullying in other states. Those schools are required to make calls to action towards bullying in their schools. For some schools it is hard for them to notice online attacks growing throughout the student body. Around 75 percent of students and teens have admitted to reward someone online.

“I think cyberbullying is a huge problem going on everywhere, I have a few friends who were victims online attacking, and they had the hardest time dealing with it. I think we should start using less social media and post more cyberbullying awareness ads online,” Evan R. ‘21 said.  

There are suicide prevention hotlines for teens on the Internet to help them know there is a voice for them to talk to. This is a very important way to prevent suicides and help teens get through bullying.

“I think cyberbullying is a terrible thing for someone to have to deal with. It causes problems for people, and it is something that hasn’t changed,” Bharath K. ‘21 said, “ I feel the only way we can stop people is for the government to have a blocking technique that refuses to type anything mean on phones.”

Olentangy has in-school resources, counselors and teachers, who are always able to talk about students problems. There is always tomorrow; everyday is a new day.