Assassination of Kim Jong-nam charges dropped

Camron D. '21, Writer

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Kim Jong-un’s half brother, Kim Jong-nam, was assassinated on Feb. 13, 2017. Siti Aisyah killed him, but was recently released and all charges against her were dropped. The murdering of Kim Jong, nam was in plain sight at an airport in North Korea. It’s hard to pinpoint how he died, as officials have not given an exact cause of death. Officials say during Aisyah’s and her accomplices (who’s name has not been given from any sources), they stated they were treated very well during their 40 months in prison.

The accomplice of Siti Aisyah’s trial is resuming thursday when prosecutors are expected to reply to a request from her lawyers for the government to withdraw the charges against her as well, according to Fox News.

Some suspect this was an inside job. They believed that Kim Jong-un is responsible for Nam’s death.

“ Of course I don’t think she should have been released. I also think it was an inside job by the victim’s half brother Kim Jong-un,” Keeley Hickey, Government and US History teacher, said.

The second woman who was involved in the assassination was also just recently released. People are reacting in the same way as the first assassinator’s release.

“I don’t think it was the right thing to do by releasing Kim Jong-nam’s assassin. I think that Kim Jong-un paid these girls to murder his brother. There is tons of evidence,” Om Payanda ‘21 said.

Based on information given all people are saying is that this is not just an inside job, but it was a job done by the victims half- brother Kim Jong-un. Officials have not given a reason or cause of the victims assassination.