“Avengers Endgame” predictions

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“Avengers Endgame” predictions

Megan A. '20, Writer

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In 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked off with the box office hit “Iron Man.” Over a decade later, the most anticipated film of the year, “Avengers Endgame,” will finally be released tonight. Below are predictions for the plot of the movie.


First prediction: Thanos will be defeated

Like every heroic, underdog movie, good always overcomes evil. Marvel does not see this as unlikely since past movies have had heroes defeat their evil nemesis. For example, during “The Avengers,” the team was able to defeat Loki during the New York City battle, however “Infinity War” was not like the rest of the underdog movies.


Second prediction: Clint Barton’s family vanished during the snap

Hawkeye was never seen during “Infinity War” because he retired to stay with his family. Trailers are showing him with Black Widow. I believe it is because Barton’s family vanished after the snap. In “Infinity War,” we only saw a few glances of people vanishing and not everyone, so it is still unclear who remains and who disappeared.


Third prediction: Steve Rogers will die

In the comics, Captain America ultimately dies during the “Civil War” arc, but as seen in the movie, he survives. We are able to see Rogers and Tony Stark become friends again during the trailer in which it seems like they tied up the loose ends. Every fan knows Captain America is willing to sacrifice his life for his teammates, and he will likely die heroically if he does.


Fourth prediction: Captain Marvel will defeat Thanos

After Thano’s snap, Nick Fury was able to send a distress signal to his longtime friend, Carol Denvers. In “Captain Marvel,” Denvers gained powers such as the ability to fly, superhuman strength and the ability to shoot energy from her hands. She is a determined woman who understands the cost of war and is willing to sacrifice herself for the good. Denvers is described as the “most powerful superhero in the universe,” according to MCU. Thanos on the other hand (pun intended) has the infinity stone gauntlet, enhanced strength and a tactical mind. If the gauntlet were taken from him, Denvers would have the upper hand in defeating Thanos and saving the universe altogether.


Fifth prediction: The Avengers will travel inside the soul stone

During “Infinity War,” movie viewers saw Thanos travel to an unknown place and meet Gamora when she was a kid. She asked him the infamous line, “What did it cost?” Everyone’s heart broke during the movie. But what if the Avengers get their hands on the soul stone? The team is made up of a bunch of smart people who will no doubt want to bring their loved ones back. Maybe this is how the lost 50 percent of the population returns.


Sixth prediction: The Avengers will go back in time.

This is a no brainer; even in the comics, the Avengers went back in time. There are two ways the Avengers can back in time. One, the team will build a time travel machine or they will steal the time stone. One way or another, the team is going back in time to either defeat Thanos or help their past selves.