Boeing jet plane crashes affect thousands across globe

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Boeing jet plane crashes affect thousands across globe

Maxwell W. '20, Writer

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On March 10, two Boeing 737 Max 8 planes crashed in Ethiopia. There were 346  people killed in this crash, and it has not been the only accident involving Boeing planes. Another incident occurred five months ago when a Lion Jet crashed into the Java Sea in Indonesia killing 189 people according to CNN.  President Donald Trump addressed the public and said  these planes are becoming too complex to fly and must be grounded in all United States airports.

The crashes of different style Boeing planes are not uncommon. Since 1958, when Boeing came out with its first 707, there have been thousands of accidents involving Boeing 737s and other aircrafts according to In the recent crash in Ethiopia, investigators have found two pieces of evidence possibly leading to the cause. One problem was a particular device in the flight control system of the plane. Conventional flight control systems consist of flight control surfaces and cockpit controls which help connect linkages and the mechanisms to control an aircraft’s direction. This device is the jackscrew which sets the trim that raises and lowers the plane’s nose. According to The Washington Post, the jackscrew was pointed downwards in a diving motion, causing the plane to fall straight down to the ground. This same problem happened with the other Max 737 plane which crashed in Indonesia. According to CNN,  the plane descend in a diving motion down to an open field.

“ It was an unfortunate crash, and I pray for the families who had relatives on board,” Jordan S. ’20 said.

Investigators discovered information about this crash through different types of black boxes or satellite tracking data. This data was discovered by Acting Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration Daniel Elwell. He found different recordings of the two pilots discussing their actions prior to the crash. These recordings have been examined by different countries such as Germany, France and the U.S. President Trump said he has not received any copies of recordings used before the crash happened. However, he is showing his condolences towards the Ethiopian authorities and the eight Americans who died on this plane crash  according to CNN.

“ I think that they need more pilots on board for any aircraft. If there were more pilots on different levels of aircraft, it can make flying planes less stressful and different,” substitute teacher, boys track coach and wrestling coach Andrew Little said.

Figuring out the messages behind these recordings can help further and clarify this investigation Christopher Hart Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to the Washington Post. With this investigation occurring, pilots and other trainers want more public aviation safety when riding on a plane and operating it. This will be done through programs such as NTSB,  Department of Homeland Security and the Safety First programs. All of these programs have one goal in mind: to keep passengers and crews safe and try different techniques while flying a plane.

“ I feel the staff should have had more counter measures and research behind how these planes operate,” Jacob H. ‘ 20 said.