The week following spring break

Reagan B. '21, Writer

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The day after spring break has ended is the greatest day of the entire year. Walking down the hallways as students are on their way to class is just amazing. After getting back from vacation, students can always see the clear difference between the kids who actually went on vacation, the kids who did not and the kids who act as if they did.

All of the people who go on vacation always feel the need to come back to school tanner than everyone else in their classes and show off their obnoxiously noticeable tan lines. After seeing their posts on Instagram throughout the entire break bragging about the fun time they are having on the beach, the last thing anyone wants to see is them when they return to school wearing the t-shirts they bought with their vacation destination written all over it. Not only do vacationers come back wearing their new clothes looking too tan for comfort, they also just never stop talking about their vacation. For the next 365 days until the next spring break, all people will hear about is how amazing their vacation was and how they just love to spend time on the beach.

The kids who did not go on vacation do not do anything annoying the week back from vacation, they are the ones who it the most. They are the ones who get to sit in class looking as white as snow because they did not get to get a tan on the beach, yet they get to sit by all of the tan kids that did.

Then, there are those people who did not go on vacation, but they want to make sure everyone in the school thinks they did. After putting on their fake tan everyday, they come into school expecting everyone who sees them to think they are extremely tan from their tropical vacation, but in reality they just look orange. Photoshop skills have skyrocketed because people who pretend they went on vacation spent their entire spring break photoshopping themselves tanner and put themselves into pictures on the beach. They might think they are fooling their peers with fake tans and beach pictures, but it is clear to all of their followers they just stayed in their bedrooms all of break.

Whether people go on break, stay home or fake their break, they are either annoyed all week, or annoying everyone else they are around the week back.