Body positivity changes the ideal body type

Megan A. '20, Writer

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There is an epidemic rising. It is quickening its pace faster and faster, and people are alongside it. The movement for body positivity has shaken the underlying society of the United States to its core. A person has the right to be who they want to look like and nobody can change that.

People have always felt were shamed if they were not the “ideal” body type. For instance, during the 1990s it was the goal for women to be petite and skinny. However, now the “ideal” body type is to be whatever a person is comfortable in. There are campaigns across the world declaring “love your body” and most model runways, like at the New York fashion week, have accepted plus-size models into their program, thus creating a new goal of the ideal body.

Life as a teenager is rough with school, extracurricular activities and the need to be the best. Minors have created a mentality to dress to impress and act like they run the school but we are trying to grow up too fast so we can fit in with our parents and our idols. The pressure on our backs -to be appealing- continues to build with social media and worst of all, peer pressure.

In 2013, analysts Marika Tiggemann and Amy Slater found that teenagers who use Facebook have a higher body image concern in 13 to 15-year-old girls, according to the Positive Psychology Program. Not only does social media increase the pressure to look a certain way, but famous celebrities who constantly talk about their body, create a false perspective of who a person should really be, and that is plain wrong. We are raised believing everything on T.V. is perfect and we have to act like them, but everything has been altered to perfection. This unrealistic world of perfection creates many problems in our world because when there are young girls with eating disorders, there is something wrong. When there are young girls who value their appearance over happiness, there is something wrong.

On social media, there is also a movement to love your body and this movement has been targetting women of all ages. The goal is to love yourself the way you are now, not in the past or in the future, but now. This is a hard mentality to have because nothing is wrong with a girl’s body, the only issue is what a person thinks of their body. The negative attitude towards bodies needs to end now before it is too late. Society is in a new age, and with that comes change. No longer should women bend over backward to appease society, and this has to stop. Humanity needs to understand that there is a new positive standard for people to be themselves.