Heroin breaks out in Ohio

Camille C. '21, Writer

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Drug usage has been an ongoing problem around the world, but specifically for states in the United States, including Ohio. Ohio is currently one of the top five states with the highest rate of heroin addiction according to 10TV News. Reporters and scientists are trying to warn the public by talking on the news and in interviews about the dangerous effects drugs, including heroin, have on one’s body and mind. This includes addiction, which can then lead to overdoses for many people purchasing these drugs.

“Heroin is a highly addictive drug that has many different mixtures, and it can cause serious health issues and/or death,” Deputy James Mox said.

Ohio has the highest average consisting of 23 heroin deaths every week. Also Ohio loses an average of 38 people every week due to any opioid overdose. Moreover, Ohio loses nearly seven people every day due to heroin and opioid-related deaths, according to 10TV’s story “Heroin at Home”.

Heroin usage has been on the rise for all ages, but especially high school students and people in their early 20s. High schoolers are starting to get involved with the heroin epidemic, causing the overall death rate to rise everyday. Many school districts, especially in northern Ohio, are dealing with students who are getting addicted to heroin and other drugs.

Local superintendents and officers in northeast Ohio gathered to discuss the heroin and drug addiction problem. They talked to their students about “how the problem affects students as they try to learn their reading, writing and arithmetic,” according to Lorain County’s school leaders in an interview with their local news.  

Recently, high schools in the surrounding northeast neighborhoods in Ohio are dealing with students getting involved with heroin, which can lead to dangerous situations. Local parents are concerned with their childrens’ health as well as what they are putting inside their body.

“Prior to coming into the high schools I have caught several high school students either under the influence of and/or with possession of heroin, and parents are coming up to me worried about their children’s health and mind,” Deputy Mox said.

Most students attending high school are well aware of the effects of heroin due to their parents or school leaders informing them about it. Both upper and lower classmen are being warned about the use of drugs and what dangerous effects they have on the body and mind.

“Teachers and local speakers have talked to students in high school about the dangers and addictiveness of any kind of drug. They emphasized the drug heroin since it has become such a huge problem in Ohio and now in high schools,” sophomore Ellen K. ‘21 said.

Drug consumers buy the heroin because it is fairly cheap for them, which causes death rates to increase. There are many reasons as to why people use heroin according to school sheriffs.

“Some of the causes of heroin use is that most are not really trying to get high, but more of getting a fix to make themselves well. Users get extremely ill when they are not able to get their fix, so they take it to be able to function far day to day activities,” Deputy Mox said.

As of today, there is not a treatment for people who choose to use heroin. There are centers for people to talk with drug and alcohol therapists, but no treatment from doctors to help people counteract their addiction.

“Not everyone’s the same with the use of drugs. Some people may just need to seek treatment such as drug and alcohol therapists, or they might get in placed into a treatment residential facility. Some may even need to be hospitalized by doctors and nurses depending on how bad their detox is,” Deputy Mox said.

Doctors at local hospitals and deputies at schools are trying to get treatment for patients who have constant drug usage. One way to overcome a drug addiction is to contact a trusted doctor or therapist and seek help from them.

“Young children and adults need to be safe around these drugs because they are highly addictive, and can lead to death if they decide to not get treated by a trusted therapists or doctor,” Darrell M.’20 said.