Marks leaves legacy

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Marks leaves legacy

Camille C. '21, Writer

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As a young boy at the age of four years old, Sean M. ‘19 knew he wanted to play basketball. He was always the athletic kid in his grade, and people recognized him for it. Soon enough, Sean M. fell in love with the sport and would practice daily to push himself to the limit.

Now, Sean M. is an 18-year-old in high school, who has set multiple records, and been in the newspaper as well as on sports websites. Sean M. became known for his passion for basketball.

Last year, the 5-foot-11 shooting guard had an “unstoppable” season, according to his coaches. He averaged 22.5 points per game and had five 30-point scoring games, as well as one 40-point game.

One of Sean M.’s biggest accomplishments this season was completing scoring a combined 1,000 points. He had dreamed about this moment for years, and the time had come.

“This season I’ve had the accomplishments of special all state and 1000 career points” Sean M. said.

As a senior, Sean M. has had success throughout his high school seasons. Sean M. works in the gym during basketball season, as well as the off season. His coaches and teammates have noticed his triumph in the game.

“As a teammate, Sean M. is an overall great team player who makes not only himself, but those he plays with better. He brings up the team as a whole,”  teammate Jack H. ‘21 said.

Sean M.’s current basketball coach John Feasel pushes him in different aspects, but is also beyond proud of his hard work and dignity on the court.

“ I am very happy for Sean M. It is great to see someone who works hard accomplish the goals he set for himself,” varsity basketball coach Feasel said.

Many colleges were impressed with Sean M.’s abilities, and they soon started to contact him. College coaches would come to his games to watch him compete. One college in particular, Ohio Dominican University (ODU) came to Sean M.’s game and immediately wanted him apart of their team. Sean M. soon commited to ODU to play basketball and to pursue his academics.

“What Ohio Dominican has to offer seems like a great fit for me and what I want for the next four years of my life,” Sean M. said.

Sean M’s teammates are incredibly proud of him and his accomplishments.

“Sean works for everything in his life, and I cannot wait to see the things he will do in the future,” Jack H. said.