Holiday season involves all relatives

Camille C. '21, Writer

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During the happiest time of the year, everyone gets excited for the cheery holiday season. One way to get pumped up for the holidays is being able to jam to Christmas music in your 2002 Toyota Camry, without getting yelled at for listening ‘too early.’ You also get the chance to compete in your neighborhood lights competition again for the best light display, which you win every year thanks to your red and green garage lights. No one is taking the crown from you this year. This stuff is fantastic and all, but of course the best part of the holidays for everyone is… your relatives coming to town.

All the excitement starts off with getting the phone call from your second cousin,telling you her family is coming up for the holidays. You met her once in fourth grade at her birthday party your mother made you go to. This friendship was basically forced, but not according to your mother or second cousin of course. The next call you get is from your favorite grandma- the one who still gets you the Nerf guns, Legos and Justice clothes, because she “never wants you to grow up.” Once these phone calls come through, you know it will be the best Christmas ever.

As soon as the relatives come through the front door, they all come up to you and compliment you by saying things like, “You have gotten so big,” and other generic comments! You smile back at them, and walk away to help carry in all the gifts they brought. When you get back inside, your grandma walks over to you, looks down, points at the jeans you are wearing and says, “Why do your jeans have rips in them? Were they half off or something?” You were hoping she would not notice, but slowly you answer, “Yes, that is why there are rips in them, grandma. I did not have enough money to buy new ones.”

You all sit by the Christmas tree and wait to open presents. Your relatives hand you their present for you. You get the gift from your grandma, and she tells you to open up her’s up first. You decide to listen to her and slowly begin to open it, because you are nervous of what she got you. This anxiety is justified, because last year she got you the light up sneakers everyone wore in the fifth grade, and you are a 16 year old. After pulling the string and tearing off the wrapping paper, you see she got you a hand-knitted Christmas sweater. You look up to her, flash a cheesy smile and say, “Thanks grandma, I absolutely love it.” Grandma smiles back at you and gives you a big hug which makes your body squeeze. At least the other relatives did not get you anything as worse as an ugly Christmas sweater.

Finally, it is your favorite part of the day: eating food. Your mother comes out with her homemade mac and cheese, which is your absolute favorite part of the holiday season. This mac and cheese special, because your mother only makes it one day of the year, since it takes so long to prepare. You all line up so you can get ready to stuff your face. However,  all of a sudden, your second cousin comes up, cuts in line, and takes all the mac and cheese. You stare at her with your face bright red, and you suddenly feel like a cartoon character with the steam coming out of their ears. You look at your mother for comfort, but instead she says “it is okay, there will be more next year.”

Finally, it is the end of the night and all your relatives start to walk out the door. You immediately jump with excitement as they are gone, but then remember in just 364 days, they will be back.