Top 5 Places to go for Thanksgiving

Camron D. '21, Writer

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Worthington Inn- This place is a smart choice to take grandparents, and spend time with family. Imagine sitting at the table in the center of a room with cousins and aunts and uncles enjoying a delicious family meal. It may be small, but the food is well cooked and service is awesome. (5/5)


Bob Evans- This is an “everyday” place to go, and it has well mannered service. Sit down, relax and have rolls and mashed potatoes with hot gravy. Enjoy dessert afterwords with a pie of all different kinds. Also you have tons choices on food like green beans, mash potatoes, burgers, breakfast (eggs, bacon, sausage, etc.) and more. (5/5)


Buca di Beppo – Italian food is not traditional for Thanksgiving, but is a interesting choice for those turkey haters. Pasta, chicken parmesan, spaghetti and meatballs and much more are all on the menu here. This is a fancy restaurant in general, and they also cater. It is a must try for this Thanksgiving. (4/5 )


Kentucky Fried Chicken- People may say they do not like turkey and they prefer chicken and mashed potatoes. It was recommended for this list by Dacey R., a sophomore at Olentangy Berlin High School. “The chicken is loved by people. It is quick and easy for those non-cookers around the holidays. Walk in, grab your food, walk out. It is that easy,” Dacey R. said this is an awesome choice for a formal Thanksgiving dinner. (5/5)

The Cheesecake Factory- This place is well-known for its cheesecake as it says in the name. There is plenty of space to fit those big families, and it is a formal location for holiday meals. This is another restaurant where people who are not fond of turkey can get other options. Bring the family down and enjoy eating a hot meal while sitting around a table with familiar faces and observing the fanciness of the restaurant. (5/5)