Students call for cleaner restrooms

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Students call for cleaner restrooms

Camron D. '21, Writer

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People go in and out of the bathrooms every single day, and at OHS, students think the dirtiness is getting out of hand. They agree the stalls in the bathrooms are unusable, because the doors are often pushed in and can not be opened, or the locks are broken off and will not lock. Toilets have broken seats, so students cannot use them.

People in the school have shared their opinions, stating the bathrooms are dirty and uncomfortable to use. The graffiti on the walls has been painted over, but people are still writing on them.  

“I use the bathroom every day, and I feel like I can’t do my business because it’s so dirty,” Evan R. ’21 said.

People are getting annoyed because they are sometimes forced to refrain from using the bathroom because they are too disgusted by the quality.

It is the custodians’ job to clean the school, including the bathrooms, and it does not make it easier for them when the stalls, floors and doors are dirty.

“We need fans in the bathrooms, because the bathrooms smell very bad. We could also use some trash cans in our bathrooms,” Byson E. ‘21 said.

Students think we could use trash cans in our bathrooms to keep the floors clean, and make the janitor’s job easier. They also think we should have fans in the bathrooms attached to the ceiling to get rid of the smells coming from the stalls.

“I don’t use the bathroom here at school because they are dirty and unusable. Maybe we can help by finding a way to keep the floors clean,” Nathan A. ‘21 said.

Students have said there should be a change and want these bathrooms to become usable again. People want to be heard and put a stop to this dirty bathroom problem. The bathrooms here are where people go to do their business, and they want it kept clean so that the next time they have to go, they do not have to wander around the the school just to find the cleanest bathroom.

A custodian here at OHS named Martin Crosbie said the bathrooms here are normally clean, but they are old so they give the impression of being dirty. New urinal cakes have been put in to help make the bathrooma smell cleaner and fresher. Crosbie has talked to the administration about changing the stall doors and making the bathrooms more clean.