How to: rock homecoming


Image provided by Olentangy Local Schools.

Emily S. '19, Writer

Drama among friends, piles of dresses left unattended in countless stores, flowers cut and attached to sparkly ribbon, feelings of longing for someone to dance with. All of these, combined with the cool air of early October can only mean one thing: it’s homecoming season. Don’t worry, with this simple guide you’ll rock homecoming in no time.

For those not in a relationship, make a list of everyone as lonely as you. Pick the best person on said list, and there is your date to homecoming. For those in a relationship, you’re set.

Next, find a way to ask your future date. If you want them to ask you, make your hints obvious. Text and call them, and if they don’t answer try again until they do. Show them you’re interested; people love attention.

If you need a way to ask them, there’s only one thing to do: go to Pinterest. Search ‘cute promposal’ and countless options will appear before you. Just be sure to change ‘prom’ to ‘hoco’ on your sign. You have to ask your future date in the biggest, over-the-top way possible to guarantee a yes. Buy them a dog, a tiara, fly them to Disney. Whatever is necessary, do it.

Once you’ve landed a date, find the proper attire for both of you and make sure you match. You will also need a matching corsage and boutonniere. Be sure to match your date, but no one else, so find the dress or shirt in the corner of the store you know no one else has and rock it.

If you don’t want a date, you made your life a lot easier so enjoy it. Go with friends but make sure you create a set group. Have each member of the group sign a contract so they cannot leave. This ensures things will run smoothly.

Once you know who you are going with, create a plan to take pictures together and go to dinner. Pictures can be almost anywhere, as long as the background is pretty. Make a dinner reservation at least three weeks in advance. If you don’t, all the good restaurants will be booked and your group should just go to McDonalds. Or, you can make your mom’s life a little busier and have her host dinner. She’ll love it!

After all plans are in place, be sure to follow through with them, and you’ll have a blast. Happy homecoming!