Student Section Do’s and Don’ts

Ashley C. '19, Writer

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1. Do participate in all the chants.  

credit to GIFY


2. Don’t throw water or pop bottles.

3. Do learn how to wave the flags.

4. Don’t throw or ruin the fat heads of the players (they are pricey).

5. Do stay in your designated class section *cough cough* SOPHOMORES* cough cough*.

6. Don’t fight upperclassmen, just don’t do it.

7. Do be LOUD.

credit to GIFY


8. Don’t throw the powder early (you know who you are).

9. Do go to all the sporting events.

10. Don’t push people.

credit to GIFY

 11. Do get hyped.

12. Don’t yell at administration, not a smart move.

13. Do have fun and GO BRAVES.