13 ways to ace your AP Exams

Feeling stressed about AP exams? Writer Olivia S. '19 suggests 13 ways to ace the test and earn some college credit!

Olivia S. '19, Writer

1. Eat your Princeton Review book to really digest the information.

2. Show up to the exam in a Snuggie; even if you take an L on the exam, you’ll still  win in life.

3. Coffee. Drink ALL the coffee (or RedBull if you’re feeling crazy.)

4. Do some yoga to find your balance, or whatever.

5. Watch motivational speech videos to pump yourself up and get into “beast mode.”

6. Shed a few tears if you need to. I won’t judge.

7. Dream of the upcoming summer and pray you live to enjoy it.

8. Create an uplifting playlist to listen to the morning of the exam. “Don’t Stop Believing” always works, lemme tell ya.

9. You can’t fail if you don’t show up to the exam…¯\_(ツ)_/¯

10. Hold a mass study session at the library; we’re all in this together, homies. 

11. Remind yourself all you have to earn is a three. Average is still passing in AP world.

12. Sleep. Don’t study, sleep.

13. Don’t take any of this advice, I have no clue what I’m doing either.